Dehydration Dangers on the Water



There’s only one word to describe this past week in the Florida panhandle and that word is HOT. Heat indexes ranged between 101 and 105 for much of the week making outdoor activities difficult and dangerous. While most people holed up inside, many people attempted to beat the sweltering temperatures by hitting the water, but even that can come with dangers.

Kayakers and Tubers Enjoy the Chipola River

Most people don’t think about dehydration while out kayaking, canoeing, tubing or fishing, but the truth is that dehydration can occur just as easily on water as on land. Make sure to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks. Wear a hat, sunglasses and sun block. Pay attention to your body and learn to recognize the symptoms of heat exhaustion: feeling faint or dizzy, nausea, heavy sweating, rapid weak heartbeat, low blood pressure, cool moist skin, cramps, headache, fatigue and dark-colored urine. If any of these symptoms are present get out of the sun into a cool environment. Remember the three R’s: Remove from sun, Rehydrate, and Rest.

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