Rash of Thefts Plague Paddlers Along the Emerald Coast



Whether it’s paddling a kayak or paddle board, personal flotation craft have become quite popular along the Emerald Coast, and not just by their owners. A series of recent thefts has relieved local paddle enthusiasts of a kayak in Santa Rosa Beach and two standup paddle boards from Destin. Their owners aren’t taking the thefts lying down, however, instead they’ve reached out via local law enforcement, social media and the paddling community at large to get their property back.

Stolen! Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Photo by: Joan Vienot


On July 8th, 2011 someone stole Susan Petro’s Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 kayak off her car’s roof rack in front of ShooMama’s in Santa Rosa Beach.

On July 9th, 2011 in Destin two YOLO boards were stolen from Kim Moore. One is red/white striped with solid black pad and the other is yellow with red stripes and solid black pad with camera mount on the front.

Stolen Yellow/Red Striped YOLO Board Photo by: Joan Vienot


Stolen Red/White Striped YOLO Board

If you have information concerning the whereabouts of either the kayak or YOLO boards you’re asked to please contact law enforcement so that the property can be returned to its rightful owners.

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4 Responses to Rash of Thefts Plague Paddlers Along the Emerald Coast

  1. Kim Moore says:

    Thanks so much for the article about our STOLEN items. It just makes me sick knowing that you work hard for something and others just want to take it from you. We are very thankful for our Paddle Community and people have no idea just how we stick together so we are definitely not taking this lightly. Of course I want to know WHO stole my boards, but more importantly they’re MY boards and I just want them back!!

  2. Though not a watercraft, we were disappointed to have had a custom-made dual Adirondack chair stolen off our dock in Mary Esther in early April. It wasn’t a small piece of furniture, and it never occurred to us that someone would simply tie up and heft it into their boat. The lack of morality in some people never ceases to amaze and sicken me.

  3. Bari denney says:

    We had a brand new Quickblade flyweights paddle ( uncut ) lifted from our showroom
    We will give a reward for return

  4. Nancy Strother says:

    We had 2 yolo boards stolen on 2 different nights this past weekend in Santa Rosa Beach. They were stolen off our deck! Someone is stealing these boards and selling them. This must be stopped!

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