Kayaking Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season



The holiday season is fast approaching and many people are wondering what gifts to buy for the paddling enthusiast in the family. While a top of the line kayak or canoe is always appreciated, they might be out of reach of most Christmas budgets. Fortunately there are plenty of useful and affordable gifts that kayakers and canoeists alike will appreciate just as much.

Clothing Accessories for Watersports

A good pair of water shoes is invaluable to paddlers. Vibram FiveFinger shoes delivers a durable, cozy fitting, toe wiggling shoe that is both fun to wear and protects the foot. The Sprint, KSO and Flow models are designed specifically for water sports such as kayaking and canoeing. Best of all these shoes are machine washable.

Complaints of blisters from too much paddling? Save their hands with inexpensive kayak or oar grips. For even more comfort and protection during cold weather, gift them a pair of paddling gloves. Gloves can be purchased in a variety of styles ranging from fingerless to pogies.

Kayaking and Canoeing Gear and Accessories

Looking for a safety oriented gift? A personal locator beacon is perfect in case of emergencies. Should a paddler become lost or injured they can activate the locator beacon which then uses satellite technology to notify authorities with coordinates of the person in distress. These devices typically cost between $100-$500 dollars and may require an additional service plan.

A dry bag is every paddler’s best friend. Dry bags protect items such as cell phones, matches, food and clothes from becoming drenched should they happen to fall out of a canoe or kayak. Dry bags come in various sizes and colors making it easy to mix and match. Buy a few dry bags for stocking stuffers or get creative and turn a dry bag into its own “stocking.”

Trying to carry a kayak or canoe a long distance from a parking lot to the water’s edge can be made much easier with the aid of a kayak cart. These affordable carts are lightweight and some models are collapsible making them easily stored in a hatch for transport.

Kayaking Destinations

Give the gift of adventure by booking a kayak adventure trip to locations such as the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin; Lake Yellowstone, Wyoming; Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River, Utah; The Everglades and the Florida Keys; Glacier Bay and Prince William Sound, Alaska. Planning excursions such as these takes the hassle out of having to haul your own kayaks to faraway locales.

Gift giving for paddlers doesn’t have to be hard. Whether it’s a small, thoughtful gift or an extravagant gift, there’s something to suit every desire. Happy paddling.

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