A Trip to Big Talbot Island State Park near Jacksonville, FL



Big Talbot Island is currently undergoing some renovations that promise to improve visitor’s experience so on this visit I opted for the only open trail, Shoreline Access Trail, and headed 1/4 mile to this very unusual beach. It’s important to note that the best time for accessing this beach is during low tide.

Shoreline Trail

It was about mid-morning when I started my short hike. The wind blowing through the towering moss-covered oaks made the hike cool and inviting. The main park and trail are perched on an impressive bluff overlooking a driftwood strewn beach. Driftwood is a major feature at this park and as such is protected and not to be removed. The other feature is the deceptive black “rocks” found along the length of the beach. These rocks are actually decaying vegetation brought in by the tides and hardened under the sun’s rays.

One of many numerous driftwood pieces on Big Talbot Island

This hike takes as long as you make it. There are plenty of picturesque driftwood pieces to look at along the beach and there are even a few tidal pools in the “rock” formations near the water’s edge. Just behind the bridge in the distance is the George Crady Fishing Bridge Pier which makes for another great destination if you’re in the mood for a little fishing. Nearby Little Talbot Island State Park and Amelia Island State Park are worth a visit as well.

Faux rocks on Big Talbot Island

Hopefully after the renovations are complete we can post an update about the new park features.


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