Turkey Creek Alert – Niceville, FL


Update: Turkey Creek has been reopened to paddlers. Confirmed with Jackson Guard on 5/27/15.

The Jackson Guard/Eglin Natural Resources Division announced earlier today that, as a result of the recent rain event that effected northwest Florida,the culverts along the upper portion of Turkey Creek below Range Road 232 have collapsed and pose a danger to paddlers attempting to traverse that section of the creek. The culverts were beneath an area which was once the old Eglin Railroad. Eglin is assessing the damage. There is no word when the area will be reopened. For more information, please contact the Jackson Guard at (850) 882-4164, 4165 or 4166.

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Beverly is a deputy clerk with the Florida court system and is an experienced writer in her free time. Her love of adventure and the outdoors is what fuels her desire to seek out new and exciting things.
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3 Responses to Turkey Creek Alert – Niceville, FL

  1. Pat Glover says:

    Beverly. Kayak for a Cure was canceled due to flooding in Gulf Breeze. They plan to reschedule soon. I will let you know when in case you would like to join me.


  2. Steve Duke says:

    Is it possible to portage kayaks up and over the hill and back into the creek on the other side?

  3. Beverly Hill says:

    Steve, the hill there is rather steep and there is a swamp to the left-hand side. It’s possible to walk up and over it, but I don’t know how much harder it would be trying to transport a kayak.

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