Kayaking in the Panhandle with the Florida Master Naturalist Program


Earlier this summer I enrolled in the Florida Master Naturalist Program through UF/University of Florida/IFAS . As part of the coursework, I paired off with a partner, Diane Poff, and together we designed and produced a brochure and corresponding video for our class project. Our goal was to inspire people to use kayaking as a tool to explore Florida’s wetlands. I’m sharing it here with the hopes that you’ll find it enjoyable and informative.

I enjoyed my participation in the Florida Master Naturalist Program and plan to follow-up with the Coastal Systems and Upland Systems curriculum. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain more knowledge about Florida.

About Beverly Hill

Beverly is a deputy clerk with the Florida court system and is an experienced writer in her free time. Her love of adventure and the outdoors is what fuels her desire to seek out new and exciting things.
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